Excellent Cleaning Service in Bristow, VA

M&M Cleaning Services offers high quality work performed by qualified professionals. Our team has undergone rigid training to gain the skills, knowledge and right techniques, partnered with immense experience in the field, to render you with unparalleled cleaning service in Bristow, VA and surrounding areas. We create an individualized service package to ensure that all specific need and details are covered.

We Offer:

  • Residential House Cleaning
  • Commercial Office Cleaning
  • Dust all furniture,Vacuum carpets,Dust hanging pictures,Clean lamps,Ceiling fans and vents, Sliding glass doors, Storm door,Clean stair rails, Baseboards & moldings, and Window sills
  • Make beds, Dust furniture and hanging pictures, Remove cobwebs, Clean lamps, Ceiling fans and vents, Vacuum floor thoroughly, and Dust and wipe blinds.
  • Vacuum and mop floors,Clean tub and showers,Toilets and sinks,Counter tops,Vacuum rugs,Remove trash,Light fixtures, Mirrors, Counter tops, Microwaves, Toaster oven, Clean all appliances by outside, Wipe cabinets Outside, Vacuum and mop floors, Remove trash, Clean stove and burners, Scrub sinks, Clean sliding glass doors, Refrigerator cleaning
  • EXTRA – Oven cleaning,Cabinets inside (just for vacant houses), Garage cleaning, Ashtray cleaning, Gutter cleaning, and leaves removal

One of the most essential responsibilities of being a home or business owner is keeping your property always in top condition – clean, comfortable and safe. When it comes to residential and commercial cleaning service in Bristow, VA and surrounding areas, M&M Cleaning Services is your top choice. We have been in the business since 1987, we make use of 'green' products only, and we provide all cleaning supplies and equipment.

Let's admit it, cleaning your house or, even more so, a commercial establishment is not an easy task. It's even worse when you do not have the right tools and solutions. And who would want to spend their weekends scrubbing floors or washing windows when you don't even have much time for your family or yourself? If you do not want to deal with this burden but want a home or establishment that elicits good impressions from visitors and clients, then let us handle the task for you. We have the experience, expertise and the right equipment. For more details on our services, you can call 703-991-6282 or 703-331-0713. M&M Cleaning Services is always ready to help you out!